Alyssa Idei is a bounty hunter also known as the Ice Queen.


Before ScarecrowEdit

Through unknown circumstances, Alyssa Idei became a bounty hunter, and gained the nickname the Ice Queen.


When word of a bounty hunt for fifteen poeple to be killed went out, the Ice Queen decided to participate for the huge sum being offered. She chose to go after Damien Polanski first, where she used his own desire for women to attract his attention in a bar. However when apparently getting ready to sleep with him, she instead cut off Polanski's head off, and proceeded to take the head to the castle in France to collect the bounty.

After collecting, she then went to Washington to collect the reward for Dr. Thompson Oliphant. However when she arrived, she witnessed David Fairfax fighting the Zulu over Oliphant in an ambulance. Only once the Zulu was killed did she act, cutting off Oliphant's head while he was in the middle of explaining the CincLock-VII security system to Fairfax.

Noting that he wasn't a bounty hunter, the Ice Queen questioned why Fairfax had battled the Zulu, and was surprised by his response that it was to protect a friend of his on the list. The Ice Queen found that Fairfax's loyalty was almost erotic to her, and decided to let him go, but warned that if he got in her way trying to protect his friend later, she wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

She later collected the bounty for Oliphant's head.



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