Aloysius Knight, also known as the Black Knight, is a former U.S. Delta operative turned bounty hunter, who works alongside his best friend Rufus.


Early HistoryEdit

Some time after turning 18, Aloysius Knight joined the U.S. Delta Force. Because he excelled at Knight was often allowed to perform solo missions for Delta. He soon became the only friend of Rufus, a socially awkward pilot that Knight had worked with many times, after Knight defended him from his main tormentor.

At some point during his career, Knight became married and had an infant daughter. 

In 1997, while staking out an Al-Qaeda base, he called for backup due to Osama Bin Laden's presence, but the squadron, led by Wade Brandeis, turned on him under orders from the Intelligence Convergance Group. Knight and Rufus avoided being killed, killing nine men before Brandeis blew up the lighthouse they were in, and hid in a storm cellar as it collapsed, also killing the four Delta men that were inside. Knight and Rufus eventually managed to get free after digging away the rubble above them.

After the ICG discovered they were still alive, they laid false claims that Knight had being accepting money from Al-Qaeda, resulting in Knight being placed on the Department of Defense's Most Wanted list. Worse still, the ICG had Knight's wife and child killed, and their deaths staged like a break-in gone wrong. With nothing left to go back to, Knight went underground and became a bounty hunter known as the Black Knight, and vowed to get revenge on Brandeis.

A report claimed that when Knight was living in Brasilia, six Navy SEALs were sent in to liquidate him, but he killed them all and sent their heads back to the SEAL training facility. However, this could potentially have been a ruse created by the ICG, or else they used their own men and exagerated the story.

In one of his early ventures as a bounty hunter, Knight was hired to rescue the daughter of a Russian Deputy President from Islamic hostage takers without the media knowing. He did so with ease, and was rewarded with a Sukhoi S-37 called the Black Raven, as well as refueling privileges at any Russian base.

In late 2003, Knight was contracted by the richest woman in the world, Lillian Mattencourt, to protect Schofield in a bounty hunt, so that he would be able to complete the tasks the bounty is intended to stop him from doing.


Arriving late at Krask-8 where Schofield was ambushed, Knight assessed the area, noting the variously destroyed objects that indicated that the Scarecrow had been present. Before leaving, Knight ruthlessly killed a wounded ExSol man who was pleading for help.

After pursuing Schofield to a terrorist mine in Afghanistan, Knight saved Schofield and his team from Major Zamanov and the Skorpions, first by calling Zamanov's bluff about killing him without care about dying himself, before a quick chase back to the surface where they met up with Rufus. Knight explained what he knew about the bounty hunt, and how he was being paid a significant sum to keep Schofield alive while allowing him freedom of movement.

Knight ventured with Schofield to rescue Libby Gant from another bounty hunter, the Demon. They then go to the Forteresse de Valois to find out more, but Schofield is identified, and in the ensuing chase Knight and Gant are captured. Witnessing her beheading, Knight uses his various tools to escape and rendezvous with Rufus and Mother.

Once Schofield has disarmed the CincLock-VII security systems, Knight goes with him to stop another missile from hitting Mecca, and is forced to pilot his own X-15 and drives it into the path of another missile about to hit Schofield and Rufus. In the aftermath they are captured by Brandeis and his team and taken to Killian's castle, and Mother arrives to rescue them. As they fight back, Knight gets his revenge of Brandeis by moving him into the path of an attacking shark. After killing Delecrois he saves Schofield when he takes Killian out the window using a Maghook.

Later Demon kills Mattencourt, preventing Knight from receiving his commission as revenge for stealing the Demon's bounties earlier. He sends a card to Schofield telling him that he has earned Knight's trust - noting that Schofield impressed him so much that he went beyond the terms of his contract, given that he saved Schofield during his attempt to kill Killian even though the terms of the original contract had expired - and will be there if he is asked for help.

Personality Edit

He has been described by some as being somewhat of a Shane Schofield gone wrong, possessing skills and reputation similar to Schofield while using his abilities independently. Having once had a warmer personality, the betrayal dealt to him by Brandeis and the ICG, coupled with the execution of his wife and daughter, broke Knight and left him a much more cold and impassive person. When on business, Knight would act pleasant, but the only person he was truly kind to for a long time was Rufus due to his loyalty.

While Knight is more readily prepared to kill, he was complacent enough to heed Schofield's request to not kill the innocent members of a fueling plane, which somewhat suit Knight since he prefers not to harm innocents, though he showed no mercy upon finding an injured member of Ex-Sol, refusing to give the mercenary aid and instead execute him point blank.


  • He has a tattoo on his arm saying "Sleep with one eye open, Brandeis", which is similar to a slogan established after 9/11 saying "Sleep with one eye open, terrorists".
  • Like Schofield, Knight regularly wears specially tinted glasses due to occular damage, although in his case the glasses are amber-tinted anti-flash glasses due to an eye condition which makes his retinas too sensitive to natural light, rather than Schofield's being the result of torture.
  • The name 'Aloysius' comesy from the name of the college Matthew Reilly attended: 'St Aloysius College,' from which he graduated in 1992.

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