Alexander is one of the twin children of the Oracle of Siwa, able to translate the Word of Thoth.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Alexander's mother, Malena, the wife of the Oracle of Siwa, was kidnapped by Francisco del Piero and taken to a chamber in the heart of a Ugandan volcano. Her captors took the mother's first born child, Alexander, and left his mother for dead.

Unbeknownst to del Piero, Jack West Jr., who has witnessed the event, then inspected her body and discovered another child, and with Max Epper was able to perform a caesarian birth, resulting in Alexander's twin, Lily.

As he grew up, del Piero raised Alexander to be the best possible ruler, so that after he led them to the locations of the seven pieces of the Golden Capstone to nullify the Tartarus sunspot, he could stand as a Jesus-like figure for people to worship.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit


The Six Sacred StonesEdit

After living at a farmhouse in rural Ireland for over a year, Alexander was located by unknown forces and his six protectors killed. He was then taken away to an unknown location. This knowledge was later passed on to Jack's team.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

When being forced into Carnivore's services, Jack questioned why he would risk Lily's life when only she could translate the Thoth writing on the Tablets of Thothmosis. Carnivore pointed out she was not the only one, and pointed out Alexander, who had been watching from Carnivore's observatory. Jack realised that Carnivore's men were the ones who took him, and presumably offered him something in exchange for his help.

Alexander went with Carnivore when he abandoned his base, and watched as Carnivore and his men, along with Cieran Kincaid (who had been the one to provide Carnivore with Alexander's location), took the last Pillar from Jack. However when Jack began fighting with Cieran, Carnivore fled with Alexander, as well as Iolanthe and Lily, to the last Vertex on Easter Island.

Alexander translated the Tablets for Carnivore, and watched as he began preparing to activate the Machine and stop the return of the Dark Sun. However, after the arrival of Jack resulted in Carnivore's death, Lily laid the last Pillar, only for her to gain the last Pillar's reward; Power. After seeing her brutally kill Mao Gongli and Diane Cassidy, Alexander and Iolanthe cowered in fear as she turned her gaze on them, but luckily Jack snapped her out of her trance.

In the aftermath, Alexander remained fearful of his twin as she helped him get into some scuba gear, and was taken to New Zealand on Sea Ranger's submarine. There, he was left in the care of Sky Monster's parents, who had been pestering him for years for grandchildren and were more than happy to take him in.


Since being taken from his dying mother's arms, Alexander has been raised by the Vatican to become the great figurehead of their religion once he has fulfilled his destiny. As such, he has become cold and spoilt, seeing common people as little more than pawns he believes he will become master of.


  • Alexander is the only male antagonist to survive through three novels.
    • However, since his appearance in The Six Sacred Stones is only a cameo with no antagonistic role, he has only been an antagonist in two novels.
  • Alexander rarely speaks, and in The Six Sacred Stones and The Five Greatest Warriors, he never says a word (although in the former his role was very brief).

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