Alec Christie is an undercover agent who works for MI6.


Early HistoryEdit

In early 2002, Christie was assigned by his superiors to investigate the mysterious dealings of the billionaire Randolph Loch. To this end, Christie went undercover as Loch's personal bodyguard.

Over 18 months, Christie discovered the existence of the "billionaire's club" Majestic-12, as well as their plans to start a new Cold War through the use of the CincLock-VII security system, and two top-secret American projects known as Chameleon and Kormoran.

However, the French government who were allied with M-12 knew of Christie's infiltration, and a few days before the plan was to be set into motion, Christie's cover was revealed, and so he was added to Majestic-12's liquidation list. Christie was captured by M-12's French allies and taken to the aircraft carrier Richelieu. There, he was interogated and tortured by DGSE agent Pierre Lefevre for two days.

During his torture, Christie eventually let slip that Loch had recently become annoyed with Jonathon Killian's repeated requests to add an extra step to their plan. This revelation worried the French, since Killian was the M-12 member whom they had been doing the most dealings with, particularly when they realised that a few African nations Killian had been doing deals with over the last year had recently scarmbled an armada of fighter jets. The French tried to question Christie further on the matter, but the MI6 agent knew nothing.


After Shane Schofield was captured by the French, he was taken aboard the Richelieu, while the Marine was being questioned Christie was crucified to a forklift on the aircraft carrier's flight deck. When the French brought Schofield up and crucified him, Lefevre revealed Christie's similar predicament, before demanding to know if Schofield knew anything about Killian's plans that Christie hadn't.

When Schofield replied in the negative, Lefevre decided he might need some extra motivation, and had a fighter jet parked in front of Christie's forklift turn on its thrusters. The exhausted Christie barely had the energy to look up at his predicament, and didn't make any attempt to protest before he was quickly incinerated, the only parts of the MI6 agent remaining being the hands and feets that had been tied to the forklift's prongs.


  • The character was named after the 'winner' of a charity auction to name a character in Matthew's next book. While the real Alec Christie bought this for his wife, due to a mix up and inability to get hold of Alec to confirm the chosen character name, Matthew decided to name the character after the only details he had of the winner. Given what happens to Alec in the book, the real Alec is very happy the character was not named after his wife!