The 7th Special Operations Squadron is a ground unit from the Air Force.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Before Area 7Edit

On occassion, Kurt Logan would lead all of he 7th Squadron units into war games, and with him commanding them, they never lost.

Area 7Edit


Team MembersEdit

  • Alpha Unit
    • Major Kurt Logan (overall 7th Squadron commander)
    • M.J. Alvarez
    • A.W. Baines
    • F.C. Christian
    • T.W. Criece
    • F.G. Dohney
    • G.H. Fredericks
    • W.E. Goldman
    • R. Hughes
    • H.T. Wolfson
  • Bravo Unit
    • Captain Bruno "Boa" McConnell
    • F.D. Atlock
    • C.S. Boland
    • M. Coles
    • R.R. Egan
    • R.E. Giggs
    • W.A. Ingliss
    • R. Kincaid
    • M.T. Sayles
  • Charlie Unit
    • Captain Luther "Python" Willis
    • R.T. Arthurs
    • N.M. Biggs
    • M.S. Fraser
    • I.N. Morton
    • A.L. Price
    • M.J. Rawson
    • S.R. Sommers
    • J.K. Stone
  • Delta Unit
    • L.W. Boyce
    • D.T. Crick
    • S.T. Dillan
    • A. Gale
    • D.K. Golding
    • S.W. Johnson
    • M. Jones
    • S.K. Milbourn
    • G.F. Nance
    • J.J. Nystrom
  • Echo Unit
    • Captain Lee "Cobra" Carney
    • B. Bennett
    • E.T. Calvert
    • G.K. Coleman
    • A.M. Davis
    • A.M. Dayton
    • S.N, Frommer
    • S.R. Grayson
    • S.O. Littleton
    • K. Messick
    • P.K. Oliver
  • Captain Robert Wu
  • Lieutenant Chet Li


The 7th Squadron serves the U.S. Air Force. However under Charles "Caesar" Russell's command, they are an extremely deadly force intent on killing the President.



  • American Aircraft Penetrator helicopter
  • CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter - Looking Glass
  • Avenger Humvees


  • P-90 machine guns
  • SIG-Sauer pistols
  • RDX grenades


  • ERG-6 gas masks


  • Delta Unit's commander is the only one not identified in the novel.
  • Robert Wu and Chet Li are mentioned by Jerome Harper as being members, though they are not mentioned on the Area 7 staff list, presumably because they were not actively on duty at the time.

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